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"I’m only letting go because I want you to hold on."

What you say: “I’m letting go”

What you mean: “I want you to chase me”

What they hear: “Fuck you, I’m leaving”

If there’s anything I’ve learned from this weekend, it’s that you can’t expect to get something if you don’t give it. If you don’t tell people how much you appreciate and love them, how can you expect them to love and appreciate you? You can’t feel loved if you don’t give love. Why do you think that phrase is always said so melancholy? Answer: BECAUSE IT DOESN’T WORK. Clearly you’ve never actually told said person that you’re leaving because you love them. HELLO. People are idiots and add meaning to everything. You say “I like chocolate” they hear “I hate you because you like vanilla”. It’s not wrong or bad, it’s just what we do and we don’t even realize it 90% of the time. 

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